Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

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Why Are You Experiencing Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain is a health issue that many of us know all too well. A recent study revealed that it affects a very sizable segment of the population.

To be more specific, this article from the CDC notes that lower back pain is an issue that affects around 25 percent of adult Americans.

But why is lower back pain so prevalent?

Lower back pain is often caused by a herniated or ruptured disc, some kind of strain, or a condition like arthritis. We may start experiencing those issues due to our bad habits.

If you are overweight or don’t get enough exercise, you are more susceptible to developing lower back pain. Exercising can also lead to lower back pain if you are not using the proper techniques while lifting weights.

You may also put yourself at greater risk of experiencing lower back pain because of your job. People who work physically demanding jobs may develop lower back pain. Office workers are still not safe from back pain. An office-based employee may gradually develop back pain if they exhibit poor posture while working at their desk.

Aging also increases your chances of suffering from lower back pain. If you were recently involved in an accident, don’t be surprised if you start feeling its effects on your lower back.

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What Can a Doctor Do about Your Lower Back Pain?

Doctors, especially those who specialize in pain management, can help you experience relief from your lower back pain.

They will help by first identifying the source of your discomfort. After that, they will use the treatment method necessary to address the issue.

Your doctor can treat your lower back pain effectively because they focus on its underlying cause. They will determine if you have a bulging disc, a ligament strain, or some other issue and work on treating that.

A good doctor can do more than just treat the issue causing your lower back pain. They can also give you pointers so you won’t suffer from that issue again moving forward. They can also come up with a personalized wellness plan that will keep your body in peak condition long-term. You’ll be able to avoid chronic back pain if you stick to that plan.

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