Understanding Lower Back Pain: Causes, Types, and Risk Factors

Dr. Trisha Patel sees patients for lower back pain and pain management at Revive Pain Management in Anaheim and Newport Beach, CA, and surrounding areas.

Our pain-management expert focuses on minimally invasive pain management for short-term and chronic or long-term pain management for a multitude of diagnoses. 

She wants you to understand lower back pain and its causes, types, and risk factors. 

Understanding Low Back Pain and Its Causes

 Dr. Patel at Revive Pain Management in Anaheim and Newport Beach, CA, explains that half of Americans suffer from lower back pain, although the reasons vary. You don't have to be involved in sports or heavy lifting on the job to suffer lower back pain.

Nerves, bones, tendons, discs, and muscles are among the tissues that comprise your lower back. If any of these areas become damaged, you will experience lower back pain. Those hurt on their job from heavy lifting end up filing for disability related to their job. 

Low back pain can be minor and pesky or severe. It can be intermittent and infrequent or chronic and daily. You may find that your pain is severe and could have many reasons, such as, but not limited to, large back muscle strain, bone, joint, or ligament damage, and disc degeneration. 

Types of Back Pain

 The type of back pain you experience has much to do with the underlying cause. Some causes are short-term, and some are long-term and chronic. 

Short-term diagnoses require short-term pain relief until the area heals. Examples include sprains, strains, kidney stones, falls, sports injuries, and fractures. 

Those diagnoses that are chronic are not likely to go away and need an excellent pain management plan of care so you can live your life to its fullest. These diagnoses may include arthritis, fibromyalgia, cancer, tumors, any chronic disease process, structural problems, congenital issues, and degenerative disc disease.

Risk Factors

 The most significant risk factors related to low back pain are aging, lifting, obesity, and lack of exercise, which increase one's chances of developing back pain. We can work with patients to devise ways of changing their lifestyles to make themselves less at risk for low back pain’s most common causes.

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