Arthritis and Your Options

Arthritis is a common condition of joints that can affect people of all ages and all levels of activity.

Arthritis and your Joints

The most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis, a condition that impacts more than 30 million Americans and is associated with wear and tear on joints.

A joint is where two bones come together in the body to form a point of mobility.  There are 360 unique joints in the human body. Each joint can be categorized by its function (the movement) that follows its structure (the form). The categories are:

-Condyloid joints

-Gliding joints

-Hinge joints

-Saddle joints

-Ball and socket joints

-Pivot joints

Every joint is potentially susceptible to some form of arthritis, but the classic joints that suffer from arthritis are the knees, joints of the spine, and joints of the hips/pelvis.

Various tissues within each synovial joint allow for smooth and relatively pain-free motion. However, in arthritic joints those tissues (especially cartilage) begin to break down leading to shrinkage of joint spaces.

Various symptoms including pain, limited range of motion, and swelling can result.

Although common, arthritis pain can become quite debilitating and seriously affect one’s quality of life.

If you notice arthritis symptoms starting or getting worse, it’s important to seek medical attention. Dr Trisha Patel, MD can provide expert guidance on your treatment options.

Arthritis Treatments

There are a wide variety of treatments that can help relieve symptoms and improve function of arthritic joints. Effective treatment plans require that you and your doctor work closely to identify the combination of therapies that are best for you.

Arthritis Treatments:

If arthritis symptoms are especially severe and/or do not respond to the more conservative treatments listed above, a patient may be a candidate for surgical treatments.

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Trisha Patel Trisha Patel, MD is trained in Anesthesiology and Interventional Pain Management.

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