Are Trigger Point Injections right for you?

Q: What are Trigger Point Injections (TPI)?
A: Intramuscular injections used to treat patients with chronic, muscle pain. Muscle pain is associated with an irritable, tight sensation in the muscle or a spasm.

- An anesthetic is injected intramuscularly into the patient's trigger points. Trigger points are highly sensitive areas that are directly associated with causing muscle pain if irritated. The trigger points are commonly found in patients with myofascial pain syndrome: a condition where pressure on trigger points causes pain in the patient’s muscles.
- The injection is to inactivate the trigger points by destroying and anesthetizing the primary area of pain.
- An ultrasound is used to confirm precise intramuscular injection.

- Can soothe muscle pain
- Can help fibromyalgia
- Treats tension headaches and myofascial pain

Post-procedure instructions:
- Refrain from heavy activity or exercise with the exception of gentle stretching.
- Apply heat to the injection location for 15 minutes with a barrier between skin and the heat source. Do this 2 to 3 times a day.
- Follow post-injection program instructions on proper posture, spine mechanics, and ergonomics to prevent injury.

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